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Accessibility Statement

DC Design Week is committed to improving accessibility and inclusion efforts each year. We recognize this is a journey that we are still far from our ideal.

What are we aiming to?

This accessibility statement aims to:

  • Give transparency on what we’re working on.
  • List accessibility features we provide at our events.
  • List accommodations we cannot provide.
  • Provide contacts to request any accommodations that may be needed or undocumented.
  • Encourage feedback from the community on how we can evolve to be more inclusive by default in the future.

What are we working on?

We’re working hard behind the scenes with our content curators to ensure all talks are inclusively crafted.

Speakers are strongly recommended to: Complete a Google Sheets accessibility checklist based on Allison Ravenhall’s article Inclusive Design for Accessible Presentations. Attend an inclusive presentation seminar, read an inclusive presentation handout, and review Allison’s article.

The DC Design Week and AIGA DC teams are working on:

  • Targeting WCAG 2.1 AA compliance for our website and presentation materials which includes meaningful alt text, respecting reduced motion preferences, and understandable heading structures. We can’t cover everything as a team of volunteers, so if you see something wrong please let us know at

  • Creating more documentation and templates for DCDW accessibility including:

    • Inclusive presentation seminars and handouts.
    • Accessibility checklists for speakers.
    • Accessibility statements for events.

AIGA National is also currently auditing and redesigning the template used by all chapters, including DC, to make registration and access to videos more accessible to everyone.

Is there anything else we should be doing? Let us know by emailing our accessibility team at

What can you expect?

We're providing the following accessibility features for our events:

  • Real time CART (live captioning) services and transcriptions for virtual events.

  • Some recordings will be shared with captions in the AIGA DC recordings archive for AIGA members to rewatch or catch up on at a later date.

    • If you’re not an AIGA member, you can register for a membership on our website for just $50 for a year. We’re a 100% non-revenue generating entity, so this goes a long way to keeping us afloat.
    • AIGA National is currently auditing and redesigning the template used by all chapters, including DC, to make registration and access to videos more accessible to everyone. If you have difficulties registering or accessing the recordings in its current state, please let us know at
    • We can’t guarantee that all of our events will be able to share recordings as some talks may contain classified information. If we’re unable to do so, we’ll disclose that ahead of time in each of the event’s descriptions.
  • Volunteers at every event monitoring chats and conversations for compliance to AIGA’s code of conduct.

  • When possible — shared materials and presentations for an event prior to it starting. Follow along comfortably with your own technology and at your own pace.

What are we missing?

We’re still at the beginning of our accessibility journey and want to be transparent about the limitations around our budget, experience, volunteer resources, and timeline. Accommodations that we may be unable to provide include:

  • Sign language interpretation
  • Language translation
  • Transportation to and from events.


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