DC Design Week is made possible by a committee of volunteers who help plan each event, do all the outreach, and more. We’re so grateful for their contributions.

Meet the DCDW 2022 committee

  • Executive - 5 Members

    The folks leading the communications, design, operations, and programming efforts for this year’s DC Design Week.
  • Communications - 4 members

    The folks responsible for outreach with our community through our social media, emails, website, and more.
  • Creative - 7 members

    The folks responsible for turning the 2022 branding into our social media, website, and printed material designs.
  • Operations - 7 members

    The folks responsible for developing partnerships with our community and helping us meet our accessibility goals.
  • Programming - 9 members

    The folks responsible for planning our large events and supporting our community partners in making their events a reality.

Volunteering with DC Design Week

DC Design Week is 100% volunteer-run, and it wouldn’t be the same without the support of our community. We'll need help with tasks like Zoom support or set-up and clean-up during the week of October 14-21 at both in-person and virtual events. Sign up to join our volunteer list


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