The art of a movement

Talk/Panel /Thursday/October 20/12:00 PM

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Since the beginning of time, art has served as a form of expression that has a powerful capacity to visually communicate and reveal new perspectives and narratives. Sometimes art can be open for interpretation, while other times it can be seen as more direct and explicit. Because of the naturally expressive nature of art, artists and creatives are also often activists, devoting their talents towards bigger social causes and becoming advocates for change. From fighting for AIDS awareness to protesting government censorship, artists and creatives have always been at the forefront of social change movements throughout history. Their craft emboldening the message and amplifying voices of change through visual and emotional cues.

Join this insightful panel, featuring speakers from small to large organizations with extensive experience in the social change space. They will touch on topics that explore the unique, but integral relationship between visual communication and social change as well as how both work interchangeably to bring ideas to life by communicating directly to the public. Additionally, the panelists will discuss how creative platforms have evolved over time, as well as how to allow for space to heal and recharge during such an unprecedented and turbulent era.

Event Panelists:

  • Jen Epstein, she/her, Head of Design at Task Force
  • Hannah Williams, she/her, CEO and Founder at Salary Transparent Street
  • Shakirah Hill Taylor, she/her, Chief Digital Officer at Fenton
  • Erin Lange, she/her, Former Design Director at Impactual
  • Samuel Adaramola, he/him, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at goodjuju studios

Panel moderated by:

  • Nhu Nguyen, she/her, AVP and Creative Director at Fenton

Feel free to submit any questions you may have for the panelists (Google Form) ahead of the event.

This event was put together in partnership with AIGA Baltimore and Fenton.


  • Jen Epstein

    she | her | hers

    Head of Design, Task Force

    Jen Epstein is an award-winning Creative Director living and working in Brooklyn, New York. During her 16-year career in motion graphics, she’s worked with MTV, Showtime, Nickelodeon, Ray-Ban, Ford, AT&T, Starbucks, VH1, Buck, The New York Times, and Blue State Digital, among others. She’s currently the Head of Design at Task Force working to change the world for the better through digital campaigns centered around social justice. Her clients at Task Force include The Women’s March, Planned Parenthood, The United Nations, MoveOn, Equality Federation, A-B Partners, League of Conservation Voters, and more. Jen’s work has received recognition from the Art Directors Club, Clios, Promax BDA, Creativity International, and the One Show.


  • Hannah WIlliams

    she | her | hers

    CEO and Founder, Salary Transparent Street

    Hannah Williams is a 25-year-old former Data Analyst in the DMV highlighting the value of pay transparency with her viral series, Salary Transparent Street. Hannah's mission is to close existing pay gaps which marginalize women, minorities, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community. Her street interviews across the United States have sparked conversations internationally about the importance of pay transparency to achieve pay equity, and have been featured in many major media publications, including the Washington Post, CNN, and Forbes.


  • Shakirah Hill Taylor

    she | her | hers

    Chief Digital Officer, Fenton

    Shakirah Hill Taylor is Executive Vice President, Digital. Serving as senior strategic counsel to internal stakeholders as well as clients, she provides leadership and strategy for the firm’s digital practice on a wide range of interactive strategies and execution to drive innovative and award-winning digital work. She brings extensive expertise in digital strategy, online advocacy building, social impact and client service to help organizations reach intended audiences to create positive, impactful and sustainable change.


  • Erin Lange

    she | her | hers

    Former Design Director, Impactual

    Erin Lange is a creative powerhouse focused on the most pressing social and political causes of our day. As an advocate for empathy-driven design rooted in inclusivity and accessibility, Erin’s work leverages storytelling and design methodology to improve civil society. Having led successful civic engagement visual campaigns such as @PowerThePolls, Erin’s experience has taught her how to focus on impact over intent to drive real change.


  • Samuel Adaramola

    he | him | his

    Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, goodjuju studios

    Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in the DMV, Samuel Adaramola has enjoyed nearly a decade of using his talent in the service of spaces that aim to right the wrongs in the world. Most recently, he served as Media Producer for the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign. A graduate of the Newhouse School of Public Communications, Samuel currently runs his boutique creative studio, goodjuju. There, they work with brands celebrating Black culture and alleviating the disparities in Black communities.

  • Nhu Nguyen

    she | her | hers

    AVP, Creative Director, Fenton; Owner, Creative Strategist, Brand Nhu Creative; Vice President, AIGA Baltimore

    Nhu Nguyen is an Associate Vice President and Creative Director at Fenton, a social change agency, raising awareness that sparks movements, changes behavior, and generates support for a more just, equitable and sustainable world. By night, she oversees Brand Nhu Creative, a creative strategy, branding, consulting and art studio, specializing in the amplification of raising awareness of community-driven causes and stories of smaller organizations and individuals making a difference. Nhu also serves as the Vice President of the Baltimore chapter of AIGA and the creative consultant of LinkedIn Local Baltimore.



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